Questions Frequently asked by perspective and existing clients

The questions and answers shown below should give you a good idea of the service we provide and how we work. For further information, please don’t hesitate to email us on the addresses shown under ‘Contacts’.

What do you charge for a Financial Planning Consultation?

There is no charge for any initial or subsequent meetings with a Tower of London and you are under no obligation to follow any of our recommendations. In the event that you decide to act on our recommendations, we receive an industry standard fee from the financial institution providing your chosen product. The fee is paid providing we provide you with an ongoing level of advice and adhere to the parameters of the provider.

This fee forms part of the costs of the product(s) themselves and will be clearly outlined in both the literature and personal recommendation report that will provided as part of the financial planning process.

Do I need to be "wealthy" to qualify for your services?

No. We offer a comprehensive financial planning and consultation service, whatever your circumstances, asset or income. The most important issue is to identify your needs, shortfalls and objectives and then to plan accordingly with one of our professional advisors, to work towards achieving these targets over the medium to longer term.

Some of our customers choose to address their needs with a lump sum investment or redistribution of existing assets, others via regular (monthly or annual) savings and many using a combination of the two. As every situation is unique, establishing a bespoke personal financial plan is an essential first step.

Can you continue to look after my affairs if I move to another country?

Yes, in fact a fairly high number of our customers no longer live in the countries they originally met with ourselves and began their planning. All of our product providers have secure client websites so that you can see the current value of your accumulating investments at any time and our administration department will also endeavor maintain regular contact with you wherever you are through the normal methods of communication.

Your personal adviser is, of course, always contactable by telephone, skype, fax and email at any time and we also regularly make overseas trips to service existing clients and to acquire new clients in jurisdictions where we are not located.

Where appropriate, we will also provide you with any tax implications in certain jurisdictions you may have relocated to.

How important is being independent?

Tower of London Worldwide is completely impartial and independent. We are 100% privately owned and have no corporate shareholders. We can select products and services from a very wide range of Banks, financial institutions and life companies. This means our clients get access to the very best products and funds available from the leading industry providers, often with large discounts on "standard" entry fees.

We provide our clients access to a wide and diverse range of investment opportunities and funds that are normally either unavailable to retail investors or carry prohibitively high initial investment levels that would prohibit most private investors from being able to access these instruments.

How do I know I am receiving good advice?

All of our advisers are highly experienced and qualified financial services professionals. We have extensive internal examination and competency regular testing procedures (over and above those required by our regulator) and all of the recommendations made by our advisors are scrutinized by our internal Compliance Officer to ensure that the correct advice has been given and is appropriate to each client's circumstances, affordability, objectives and risk profile.

Your adviser will arrange to meet with you personally at least twice a year to conduct a review of your existing holdings and personal circumstances and in the meantime will keep you informed of all relevant information, updates and opportunities.

How secure is my investment?

We only work with large financial institutions whose products are also subject to strict regulatory supervision. The underlying assets/funds are owned by trustees or nominees on behalf of the insurance company with which the contract is arranged.

Whilst it is very unlikely that any insurance company will fail, European legislation requires financial institutions to hold guarantees or assets matching the value of investment premiums they receive and other jurisdictions, such as the Isle of Man, have similarly high levels of investor protection legislation, all of which means maximum security and peace of mind for the investor.

What about legality and compliance?

When selecting a professional financial advisor, you should always check that the company is properly registered and licensed in the relevant country. Tower of London worldwide is regulated within all jurisdictions that we operate within.

Who manages my investments?

The underlying funds that are associated with any insurance/investment products we recommend are managed by the world's leading investment houses, specially selected for their performance and strengths by the product provider or insurance company in question. Within one investment product you have access to a wide range of fund managers and can switch between these at little or no additional cost.

A diverse range of funds and asset classes means that all risk and currency profiles are catered for and each investor can tailor their own specific strategy; from low-risk stable returns, to general managed funds to specialist funds focusing on particular geographic areas or industries. In all cases the objective is to maximize the return within the risk/currency profile of each client.
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