Here are some things our clients say about us!

"I was approached by Trafalgar homes in 2015 regarding the purchase of my home and garden area to the rear and side. I can genuinely say that I have never experienced such a welcoming, smooth, efficient and business transaction in my life. From start to finish the entire process was both professional and friendly. I have remained in contact with Trafalgar Homes and Justin Barnes, with them subsequently assisting my Daughter and I both find new homes."
J. Austin - West Midlands

"In early 2016 I contacted Trafalgar Homes, based on a recommendation from an existing customer, whose opinion I valued. The approach was in relation to whether it would be viable to gain planning permission to the rear of my property and if so, what could I sell my property for and would they be prepared to purchase from me. Delighted would be an understatement, from how happy I was from the moment Justin and Dean first left my property, to the day we agreed, shook hands and signed on a deal. "
M Johnson – Worcestershire

"Working as an investment banker for 25 years made me believe I didn’t need help within any financial sphere. This being until I met with the Dean Standley, who allowed me to realise the immense benefits of transferring my UK pension into a SIPP and thus being able to move away from a defined benefits scheme with a fixed income and into a scheme with freedom, early access and the ability to leave funds to my loved ones. Thank you TOLW, Trafalgar Group and Dean for carefully guiding me through the entire SIPP transfer process to my 100% satisfaction."
S. Anthony – Los Angeles

"As an expatriate with the mindset that I would always return to the UK one day, I never thought to become involved with my UK pension, until I was referred to Trafalgar Group and TOLW by a UK based colleague. Following a two very informative personal meetings and a little research I transferred my UK pension to a SIPP with the group and i have been more than happy with capital protection and great returns for the past three years."
T. Penn – Exxon

"I transferred my UK pension with Worldwide into a HMRC approved QROPS and I have continually welcomed the benefits of the transfer and the ongoing advice"
David S

"Dean Standley -A highly qualified and versatile professional offering expert advice and guidance in the offshore investment sector to natives and expatriates. Dean demonstrates a vast array of knowledge and profitable investment advice with constant continuity and unrivalled levels of client service."
Olga Sergienko -Director of Communications at China World Summit Wing Beijing

"Tower of London Worldwide offers me the financial advice and instruments that I need to invest in a secure retirement while remaining free to live and work where I choose."
??? Brenn S.

"Tower of London Worldwide is a great partner, and has helped clarify and undertake my wishes and ideas."
??? Christine M.

"I???ve been very impressed with Dean Standley???s work and service. He really took the time to understand my business and personal needs. He created a personalized saving pension plan that I believe will help me when I retire. I really appreciate the time he dedicated to helping me to have confidence in the future."
Pavel Fedusenko-Sales Manager Shell Chemicals Russia

"I am very happy with the service and advice I have received from Tower of London Worldwide. They truly stand out in taking good care of their customers."
??? Daniela G.

"I approached Tower of London Worldwide in 2004 as i needed some assistance in investing my savings and the level of competence and professionalism was absolutely top class. An agent was always on hand for queries and my investment portdolio is now paying off dividends. I would just like to thank Tower of London Worldwide for your efficiency and helpfulness during the last 4 years and best of luck for the future and i would highly recommend them to anyone looking to investment their money in.
??? Andrew D.

"As an expatriate working in the Netherlands, I felt for quite some time the duty to start doing some savings for my near future. Tower of London Worldwide turned out to be the perfect solution for what I was looking for, helping me understanding and setting up a flexible saving scheme aligned with my needs and without having to compromise my normal life style."
??? Frederico F.

"My association with Tower of London Worldwide over a few years has confirmed my confidence in their integrity and skill in handling my financial affairs. Even minor and/or impromptu enquiries and problems have received immediate attention and recognition that, to me, they may seem important issues."
??? Stephen E.

Tower of London Worldwide had been recommended to me by one of my work colleagues who had had personal dealings with him. After considering the proposals I decided that they were the closest to my own financial planning approach and seemed to have my best interests at heart.
??? Alistair B.

The services on offer meet our needs well. Nothing seems too difficult for them. Our advisor has helped us consolidate our finances both before and after our retirement. Their knowledge of, for example Estate Planning and many other aspects direct or indirectly associated with our retirement planning have been invaluable.
??? Alison and Wouter K.

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