Land Buying

Checklist and important Factors

When considering or evaluating a piece of land we generally advise sellers to consider many of our own mandatory buying considerations and requirements. These can consist of a compilation of considerations for sellers, buyers, real estate agents, lawyers, planning departments and even local councils or parish officials.

Is the lot buildable – Where can you build on the site – Are the boundaries accurately marked – Is there adequate frontage to build – Can the seller provide clear title for the property – Does all of the lot lie in a floodplain – Are there any endangered or protected species on the property – Are there any building restrictions due to wetlands, steep slopes or historical listed buildings – Are there any TPO’s (Tree Preservation orders) – Is there legal access by Road or legal right of way – Is there adequate access for construction equipment - Solar Exposure – Shaded or Sunny – Wind exposure – Cost of Land acquisition – connection viability and cost of utilities – water and sewage connection – Legal fees – Nearby nuisances such as hazards, noise and smells – neighbours - Land clearing – Excavation – Landscaping – previous planning applications – future developments –

Our Group UK Land Buyer

is our senior Land buyer for the UK and maintains ongoing continuity in his active policy of seeking land for development. Justin works directly with members of the public, commercial vendors and the public sector, to realise land opportunities. His experience and success places him in a position to consider any site, whether greenfield or brownfield and regardless of current planning status. In addition to acquiring land outright Justin will also consider joint ventures and partnership agreements.

If you feel you have land that is possibly suitable for development and/or are considering selling or you have been offered money for your land, garden, plot or property please contact us now. Justin is fully authorised to purchase your land at the UK’s most competitive rates guaranteed. He can make quick decisions with or without planning permission and regardless of whether your land or plot is a green field or brown field site.

Justin Barnes
Direct Dial: +44 (0) 7572 577 636
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