Disposable income
In most major currencies, simply saving surplus income in a bank account will produce a return that is less than or barely above inflation. Most people are therefore looking to make better use of their deposited and accumulating capital within investment products offering greater growth potential.
Saving effectively
Whether you have a specific savings goal such as educations fees, house purchase, or early retirement, or are simply looking to save money for a "rainy day", we can provide flexible, tax-efficient, offshore investment and savings structures to help you achieve your future goals.
Maximise earnings
As an international professional you are likely to command a high income. If you are an expatriate, you may be paying less tax than in your home country. However, as this may not always be the case, saving for the future whenever possible should be an important part of your overall career strategy.


Offshore Savings

We offer a range of simple, cost-effective and flexible savings schemes from the leading offshore and onshore product providers. As an independent brokerage we are able to identify and recommend the most cost effective and appropriate solution for each client's circumstances, objectives, budget and risk profile.

When planning personal finances as an international professional, saving effectively for the future is one of the most important factors to be considered. For example, many expatriates working overseas wisely view these high-earning years as the perfect opportunity to maximize on their savings capacity and quickly build a capital reserve for use in years to come.

Bearing in mind that it is no easy task to plan with absolute certainty where (and when) you will eventually settle, it makes good sense to take advantage of the flexibility, security and growth potential of international investment vehicles that have been created for professionals in your situation.

how it works

Key Features
  • Schemes available from at little as €150 per month.
  • Rising bonuses and discounts for higher regular investments
  • Wide range of fund managers, free switching between funds
  • Very cost effective way to access a wide range of investment funds
  • Tax-free growth and secure investor protection legislation
  • Internationally portable
  • Flexible premium payment terms
  • Premiums can be paid in different currencies
  • Premiums can be paid by internet transfer, bank mandate or credit card.
  • Proceeds can be taken as a lump sum or income
Common uses
  • Repay mortgage capital
  • Education fees costs
  • Dream purchase (holiday home, boat etc..)
  • Rainy day money
  • Early / additional retirement capital